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10 hours ago

21 days #dirumahaja How many days have you been in #selfisolation or stuck af home?

2 days ago

You two are the best part of me 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

6 days ago

One month of Love with my two little angels ♥️ Happy 1 month old my darling little Ellie! We love you so much. . #EllieYonathan #SophiaYonathan

2 weeks ago

#SelfIsolation brought back the bathroom selfie 😀 we haven't had one of those since like what 2015? Btw how's the @klarity .id Vshape looking? Not bad for 14 days right?! And oh I just gave birth 4 weeks ago.. kalau gak pake ini pasti pipiku masih tembem chubby banget . 💄 "Deux" thank you sayang @sandradewi88 @saintbysandra

2 weeks ago

Papa, Mama, sudah 11 hari kita ngga bisa ketemu... it's hard, but #IStayHomeFor you . Semakin sedikit orang diluar, semakin virus ini TIDAK BISA MENYEBAR. . #SocialDistancing dari orang yang kita sayang, terutama Orang Tua dan bayi, SANGAT PENTING karena walaupun kita ngga sakit, kita bisa carrier virus dan bawah virus ke mereka. . Anak kecil dan bayi TIDAK immune dari virus corona...Tolong jaga anak kecil dan jangan minta ketemu... jangan ajak anak keluar ke tempat umum. . Terima kasih mama papa for respecting and supporting this decision and following the advice from our government, and for taking care of yourself by staying home karena kamu sayang sama cucu, sayang sama keluarga and want us all to be safe. . Yuk mari kerja sama untuk mengurangi penyebaran virus untuk menyelamatkan negara kita, economy kita, anak, keluarga, tetangga dan Dunia 🌎 yang kita semua bagikan 🙏🏻

2 weeks ago

Blink and wow Ellie is #3weeksold already... Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. We love you forever . #EllieYonathan

2 weeks ago

We will play outside again soon without being afraid of the people around us 🌞🌸🌿 #socialdistancing #day7

3 weeks ago

Self isolation #covid19 day 1! . We do not have Coronavirus. However, it has become clearer that the safest thing to do is to stay home. We have two small children as well as elderly parents who we want to do our best to protect. . But for those of you who are young, strong and feel like you might not catch anything, please remember while YOUR immune system might not be vulnerable, YOU CAN still PASS IT it to those who are... namely the elderly... like our parents or grandparents. . While staying home is boring, we should all practice caution anyway and if we work together, we can minimize the harm this virus can do. . Stay safe everyone! Sending you lots of love and prayers from Canada 🇨🇦

4 weeks ago

Flashback to when Ellie was just a bump, and Sophia was the only princess in my life 💘 . Adjusting to being a mom of two kids has it's unique set of challenges.. bonding with the new baby while at the same time maintaining our connection to our first born.. making sure she doesn't feel left out or replaced. How to give enough love and attention to meet the emotional and physical needs of both children while at the same time taking care of myself and getting enough rest to keep up with both of them... . If only it were possible to split myself into two! 🤪

4 weeks ago

Second #sisterselfie and whoa we caught a little smile from Ellie ❤️❤️❤️ . #EllieYonathan #SophiaYonathan

4 weeks ago

Blessed to wake up to these beautiful sleepy eyes 💘 #10DaysOld . #EllieYonathan

4 weeks ago

Forever papa's princess 👨‍👧 . Sometimes aku bisa ada rasa cemburu sedikit because of their bond... but ya swipe to see why I just can't compete with papa 😂 Copi's first love, and forever Papa's little baby girl.

4 weeks ago

First #sisterselfie ❤️ Happy #1weekold my darling Elizabeth 💘 . #SophiaYonathan #EllieYonathan

5 weeks ago

We had a special "cece day" to celebrate Sophia becoming a big sister. She loved being the center of attention again and feeling so grown up she was telling the other kids "i'm now cece" 🥰 . Having a new baby is exhausting, so busy and also very exciting tp masih perlu ingat.. we need to keep in mind that our older children still need to feel valued and loved. . Yes I left the house to be with Sophia on her special day just 5 days after my csection.. 😬 jalan pelan pelan... pake jaket tebal and ngga lama banget & everything was fine

last month

Friends come and go, but sisters are forever 💘 . #SophiaYonathan #ellieyonathan

last month

Baby #EllieYonathan taking over mama's heart and mama's instagram 💘 PS: someone is a big girl sudah boleh pulang dari hospital ♥️ #threedaysold

last month

And just like that, I fell in love all over again 👶🏻 . We are pleased to announce the birth of our second child, Elizabeth Grace Yonathan. . God is my abundance. She who Brings Delight . 28.02.20 / 51 cm / 3kg . Psalms 91:11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. . #EllieYonathan

last month

I can’t believe it’s less than 24 hours until we meet you baby E! The end of a long journey is finally here!! Doain semua lancar ya🙏🏻 . In the mean time enjoy our #babyshower video... finally I feel in the mood to share... although most of you already know what we are having 😂 . Special thanks to @kempinskibali for letting us have your stunning Chapel for our venue 😍 . Thank you to my ladies for making it a memorable and fun evening. . 📽 @ritzavael

last month

Waiting to POP 🥳 #38weekspregnant

last month

Trusting @vionicshoes .id to literally carry me through the last 3 months of my pregnancy.. I've been wearing these almost every day and it has been key in helping me stay active and keep up with this little munchkin! Bisa kuat jalan pagi sampai sore kaki tidak terasa capek atau pegel walaupun sudah naik bb banyak banget 😜 . If you do try these please note perlu rajin dan sabar... setelah a few weeks dipakai ber-turut2 you will notice your posture lebih lurus, lutut dan pinggang sudah gak sakit, and overall kaki tidak terasa secapek sebelum. . Sepatu ini tidak khusus bumil tapi sangat recommend untuk bumil because as we gain weight, we can get a lot of problems with our knees, ankles and feet... terutama bisa ada masalah arch collapse or flat feet dan kaki X... tapi sepatu Vionic di design khusus untuk prevent these problems dan akan support kaki kita di posisi yg benar to reduce damage from extreme weight-gain.

last month

A father is a daughter's first love... so happy and blessed to have spent this Valentine's Day with my dad & daughter ♥️ to me Val gak selalu harus about romantic love.... but it's about taking the time to appreciate the people who matter most ♥️

last month

Thank you papa for your gift of a happy family, for choosing every day to be a good husband and father... a hero to our little girls... Happy Valentine's Day to our little family. We love you 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

last month

🥰🥰🥰 I hope that we always make you proud, that you stay healthy and happy. Happy Birthday mama. We love you so much

last month

I've been talking about this book on my stories and I think it sold out across Indonesia... thank you ladies of #teamgercepchristinabrennan !!! Btw aku dengar banyak toko mau RESTOCK today... This is rumored to be the only discipline book you will ever need in action.. #123magic 🥳🥳🥳🥳 this book is a miracle for me karena sebelum tau buku ini dia gak nurut sama sekali...semoga buku ini bisa jd berkat to all you mommies! Cocok for anak usia 2-17tahun... the book is titled "123 Magic" by Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D -maaf gak bisa kasih recommendation where to buy tp gampang dicari di Tokoped/Shopee & online... katanya ada banyak toko yg barusan Restock... enjoy moms!