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Neighborhood eatery serving you world's street flavors of comfort food. ☎️ +62 821 1110 0335

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21 hours ago

If you haven’t tried our Angel Hair Aglio É Olio before, as a warning -it is delicious and addicting! #cafelulu


Looking for some delicious local for today? Seek the authentic taste in this plate of Mee Ayam Mama Lulu! #cafelulu

Oct 2019

Syah Establishments is proud to announce our latest exciting creation. After 8 strong years in the nightlife scene, Lucy In The Sky is expanding the brand. Firing up the grill with @lawless .burgerbar, we present the rockstar of burgers in the sky! Juicy burgers, cold beers, sexy cocktails and good times under the city awaits🍻🍻🍔 __ NOW OPEN LUCY BEER & BURGER BAR Fairgrounds SCBD, Lot. 22 Friday 25 October 2019 7PM __ Get 20% discount on every purchase! See you all there! 🍔🍺

Sep 2019

Pizza? or Pasta? Why not both? Lets try our Mac n Cheese Pizza, be prepared to fall in love! #dinewithsyah #cafelulu #syahestablishments

Aug 2019

Reward yourself for making it to the weekend with something very palatable!🍕 on pict: Margherita Pizza #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Aug 2019

74 years of harmony, unity in diversity, and respecting differences. Syah Establishments is proud to celebrate our nation’s freedom & liberty. Happy Independence day Indonesia! May the glory live through 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 @syahestablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @cafelulujakarta @linglingjakarta @kittejakarta @segundojakarta @brownfeatherhotel @syahweddings

Aug 2019

Syah Establishments wishes you a wonderful Eid Al-Adha. May we treat each other with kindness as we celebrate the joyous holiday filled with love and blessings🌟 Happy Eid Al-Adha 1440 H @syahestablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @cafelulujakarta @linglingjakarta @kittejakarta @segundojakarta @brownfeatherhotel @syahweddings

Aug 2019

Enter the weekend with a mouth watering “Tenderloin Steak” you can savor! Whoop whoop! #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Aug 2019

Down the hatch for the new week with our thirst-quenching, Tropical Vibes! #cafelulu #syahestablishments #dinewithsyah

Aug 2019

Refreshing glasses to energize your weekend mood! Cheers! #cafelulu #syahestablishments #dinewithsyah

Jul 2019

Rolling up our sleeves to bid you welcome this Saturday!✨ #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jul 2019

Take a glance inside our kitchen prepping for your lunch service #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jul 2019

Kind of local food that we know you’ll appreciate. Here’s our Kwetiaw CaféLulu! #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jul 2019

Hip hip hurray! It’s finally Saturday. Head over to CaféLulu and feel the breeze at our open bar #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jul 2019

Looking for some delicious local taste today? Seek the authentic taste in this plate of Mee Ayam Mama Lulu! #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jul 2019

Savoury, sweet, sour, and crispy! With its various flavors, our Asinan Betawi Kerupuk Mee has stolen everyone’s heart from the very first bite. Be prepared to fall in love! #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jul 2019

Nasi Jeruk Empal Mercon, an endless loop of powerful flavors combining to make your dining enjoyable✨ #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jun 2019

Everyone’s favorite, Pudding Cendol. Will leave you wanting more!😋 #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jun 2019

With much pleasure, Syah Establishments is proud to announce that Ling Ling's second branch is now open at Trans Studio Mall Cibubur! Get ready to savour your favourite Dim Sum and Chinese Comfort food here at Ling Ling Dim Sum and Noodle. See you at Trans Studio Mall Cibubur - 3rd floor, Jl. Alternatif Cibubur no 230, Cimanggis, Depok #Lingling #linglingTSM #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jun 2019

We’re closed until June 26th. We will back soon with better place and better vibe! #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jun 2019

Our Nasi Ikan Pesmol will leave you wanting more! #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jun 2019

A little tropical vibe during this sunny day🏖☀️ #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jun 2019

Gather your besties, smiling and laughing at CaféLulu becomes more meaningful with them! #cafelulu #dinewithsyah #syahestablishments

Jun 2019

Try our coffee to fix your Monday blues☕️