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12 hours ago

@laurabas bersama @herworldindonesia menikmati keindahan Ubud, Bali berpadu dengan koleksi @chanelofficial spring summer 2020 yang terlihat begitu menawan dengan berbagai macam gaya mulai dari cardigan, terusan tweed, pajama style yang casual, hingga jaket dan rok satin yang elegan. Tidak ketinggalan aksesori trendi seperti kacamata rantai mutiara dan tentunya tas must-have musim ini, Chanel 19. • Photo by @anaditya_ Makeup by @emmakristyono using @chanel .beauty Hairdo by @janakejana Styled by #bimopermadi Assisted by @fanitanggara lokasi Plataran Ubud ( @pl .ubud ) • #herworldindonesia #fashion #chanel #laurabasuki #plataranubud cc: @gemalakomara #editorial #majalahindonesia #indonesianmagazine #chanel

5 days ago

A closer look of the beautiful @chelseaislan for @herworldindonesia Photo by @agussantosoyang Makeup by @ryanogilvy Hairdo by @hairbyranggayusuf Styled by #bimopermadi Assisted by @ydeayu Wardrobe & Accessories @balenciaga #chelseaislan #fashionstylist #indonesianmagazine #beautyideas #balenciaga #red #beauty #indonesianbeauty

5 days ago

#APRILISSUE @herworldindonesia latest issue featuring @chelseaislan in @balenciaga is now here to brighten up your day! Kali ini, her world mengajak kalian untuk lebih menyayangi, menghargai, dan mengenal tubuh lebih baik lewat tema #bodypositivity . Temukan tips dan trik inspiratif yang bisa dilakukan untuk tubuhmu mulai sekarang! Jangan lupa, majalah ini sudah bisa kamu dapatkan lewat layanan delivery di get.mramagazines.com (at the link in profile ). So, what are you waiting for? Grab it fast❤ • Photo by @agussantosoyang Makeup by @ryanogilvy Hairdo by @hairbyranggayusuf Styled by #bimopermadi Assisted by @ydeayu Wardrobe & Accessories @balenciaga • • #herworldindonesia #chelseaislan #onthecover #magazine #magazinecover #april #2020 cc: @jusuf_long @shahnazanindya @npmphoto #indonesianmagazine

1 weeks ago

Dalam judul ‘SERBUUUU’ on the very last minute before the show.. again we are trying to keep our distance #staysafe although again have to open my face mask for a few minutes because i can’t breath due to our speed and kak @ardndut don’t wear a gloves because we don’t hv XL size (hahaha ) but we try our best to be #hygenic with loads of #handsanitizer #washingourhands and #alcoholspray 📸 @denivedder #agnezmo #performance @lazada_id

1 weeks ago

@chloexaviera is really a natural.. look at her pose! Showing off the super cute trainers from @stevemadden_id for @lazada_id styled by #bimopermadi #bimofideproject fashion team @untungadaaji makeup by @archangelachelsea hair by @ardndut 📸 @denivedder #chloexaviera #performance

2 weeks ago

@agnezmo in another 90s inspired look for @lazada_id with custom bralet and overall made especially for her by @ayumiofficial_id @ayumimca using holographic fabric from #japan It may look simple but to work with this garment is like crazy difficult especially when it’s handmade and only produce once in such short period of time.. We need the extra wow factor (since it’s for the opening number ) but yet staying true to #agnezmo style DNA right now... It’s always a fun thing to collaborate between the artist, stylist and designer to create one of a kind look.. and all comes together on the day of the event with all team and management so everything fall into places.. It’s a team work indeed and i love every second of it.. styled by #bimopermadi #bimofideproject fashion team @untungadaaji makeup by @archangelachelsea hair by @ardndut 📸 @denivedder #hologramfabric #hologram #performance #90sfashion #90sstyle #fashionstylist #singer

2 weeks ago

When ur in a quick change but still have to be #hygenic and yet have to touch your client.. wear your rubber gloves to prevent germs and actually i wore my face mask but due to hyperventilating i need to take it off for a few minutes.. it was an experience of a lifetime indeed... after this, for sure i will be #stayathome #dirumahaja 📸 @denivedder

2 weeks ago

Serving you a different stage look for @agnezmo in @balenciaga for @lazada_id Inspired by the 90s look that was a huge hit when #TLC was on the peak of their career, i translate it into a modern day TLC style with oversized shirt, bicycle pants, fishnet socks and white trainers.. to top it of, i add a head scarf to pump up that look to the 90s music scene when everybody was being casual even on the red carpet.. how i missed those 90s fashion, with all that simplicity with attitude from all #R &B singer back then.. yes i’m actually an 80s, 90s guy! Styled by #bimopermadi #bimofideproject fashion team @untungadaaji makeup by @archangelachelsea hair by @ardndut 📸 @denivedder #90sfashion #90s #agnezmo #agnezmo #performance #balenciaga

2 weeks ago

Introducing the ‘not a girl, not yet a woman’ look for @chloexaviera for @lazada_id in @balenciaga satin oversized jacket with embroidery.. styled by #bimopermadi #bimofideproject fashion team @untungadaaji makeup by @archangelachelsea hair by @ardndut #teensinger #stylingproject #indonesianstylist #fashionstylist #chloexaviera 📸 @denivedder

2 weeks ago

When you MUST work outside, make sure this procedure are done right before you enter a new place.. loving what they did to us! This is what we can do to try to #stopcovid19 other than #stayathome (which is the best way ) and for you guys please be respectful about this, follow the steps and be nice to the person who’s in charge because they also have a big responsibility to do their job too.. don’t forget to take all your clothes off once you’re at home, put it in the washing machine and take a good bath before touching anything.. #staysafe

2 weeks ago

• Ikuti kegiatan sehari bersama Laura Basuki ( @laurabas ) di Ubud, Bali, dengan menerapkan hidup green living dibalut koleksi @chanelofficial Spring Summer 2020. • • Ia memulai hari dengan berbelanja sayur dan buah di Pasar Seni, sarapan pagi di Lazy Cats Café, berbelanja bumbu organik di Zero Waste dan menutup hari dengan meminum segelas kopi di Muse Café & Art ditemani buku favorit. • • Videographer @egaoxsiana Pengarah Gaya #bimopermadi Asisten Pengarah Gaya @fanitanggara Tata Rias Wajah @emmakristyono Menggunakan @chanel .beauty Tata Rias Rambut @janakejana

3 weeks ago

Missing our impromptu trip... after this #pandemic over, we shall #travel again soon.. sekarang kuat2in #dirumahaja @doddyansyah @bclsinclair @denarachman @lunamaya @deyra_supriadi @yenierl #losangeles2019 #throwback

3 weeks ago

Today, through virtually, we gather together to celebrate @bclsinclair 37th b’day. This is our hopes and wishes for you. You can see that many people love and care about you nge! #youknowweloveyou #sendingvirtualhug #xoxobcl #bungacitralestari

3 weeks ago

Happy b’day @bclsinclair the strong Aries that i always known.. Sehat terus nge! Rejeki berlimpah dan di umur yang baru diberi kebahagiaan yang luar biasa.. doa kita selalu buat lo dan Alm. @ashrafsinclair Ga pernah terpikirkan oleh kita akan ngerayain b’day lo lewat #virtual seperti ini but everything happens for a reason and may that reason will be something greater than we can think of.. @teambcl love you and you know that!

3 weeks ago

360 view of my hair for @insertlive #insertfashionaward2020 actually bcause of my super oversized @balenciaga jumper, i need to put my hair up.. tried to mix a few references by adding a bit of #gracejones square hair, japanese man messy bun and a bit of upward cornrow for that extra #swag So the party is actually at my back! 📸 @denivedder #hairideas #messyupdo #cornrow #hairstyle

3 weeks ago

Biasanya dibelakang panggung sama @ryanogilvy sekarang jadi penonton @insertlive @transtv_corp #insertfashionaward2020 📸 @denivedder

3 weeks ago

Wohoooooo! My first award this year... Cheers to many more to come! Giving you a different version of me by wearing @balenciaga oversized jumper, checkered pants and round bag for @insertlive @transtv_corp #insertfashionaward2020 📸 @denivedder let’s have fun with fashion because without the fun, fashion will be boring!

3 weeks ago

Thank you @insertlive #insertfashionawards2020 @transtv_corp for the Fashion Icon 2020 Award... Here is our happy faces with a little bit of posing.. introducing the class of 2020 #FashionIcons from left to right @ryanogilvy Makeup Artist, #bimopermadi Fashion Stylist, @hiantjen @lifebyhian Fashion Designer and @ayladimitri Fashion Content Creator 📸 @denivedder #fashionawards

3 weeks ago

Officially calling my baby lights blonde color ‘Mink Fur Blonde’ @studiok .id @kieferlippens #blondehair #bimopermadi

4 weeks ago

She kick a** for sure! @agnezmo in @louisvuitton parka jacket, long necklace, earrings and archlight sneakers.. styled by #bimopermadi #bimofideproject fashion team @untungadaaji makeup by @archangelachelsea hair by @ardndut 📸 @denivedder #agnezmo #accessories #chainnecklace #louisvuittonid #louisvuitton #parkajacket #archlightsneakers

4 weeks ago

Our kind of #elegance with a twist of #streetstyle for @billboard_ina awards 2020 @agnezmo in @off____white @off___white___jakarta long blazer and thigh boots.. styled by #bimopermadi fashion team @untungadaaji makeup by @archangelachelsea hair by @ardndut captured by @denivedder #agnezmo #offwhitejakarta #offwhite #blackblazer