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4 days ago

Fractures in a frozen lake. Following one of the seemingly endless wind storms that have come to visit in Iceland this winter, the solid ice released its hold, shattering into huge blocks along the shoreline. Made for some really interesting patterns ❄️

2 weeks ago

A frozen world, sculpted by the winter storms. It’s been a wild winter this year, often making it near impossible to leave town, but occasionally the weather has been kind enough to head out and explore. After a 30m descent into this glacial moulin with the team at @localguide , we were greeted with a spectacular view looking up from the base. It was quite the climb back to the surface ⛏ #iceland

2 weeks ago

Silence. Amidst a world full of noise, it‘s always fascinated me that some of nature’s most beautiful events occur in pure silence. Slowly obscuring the volcanic cliffs and ice beneath, a wall of cloud approached from the east, silently drifting past in a glacial breeze.

3 weeks ago

Current views up north. While on a shoot up at Tröllaskagi this week, we experienced one of those magical days where the weather threw something surprising at us with every passing hour. Here you can see a moment where clear skies swiftly turned to snowfall, later becoming some of the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen. Was almost impossible to grab focus, but made it all the more fun to shoot. Takk @huldahalldora for the portrait ❄️

4 weeks ago

Brandugla. A rare moment with an Icelandic short-eared owl in the south. I’d always dreamed of seeing an owl in the wildness of Iceland. It took months of searching and countless attempts to capture this image, but eventually the moment presented itself when this beautiful owl silently flew by and landed right next to me. #iceland

4 weeks ago

What started it all. I’ll never get tired of watching the mist wrap around the jagged mountain peaks along the ring road. Driving around Iceland is always full of surprises. Often what seems like just a cloudy sky can suddenly open up to a magnificent and unexpected view of of outlet glaciers and mountains.

4 weeks ago

In transit.

4 weeks ago

Another cloudy afternoon on the summit of Iceland. After heavy rain, the surface snow often washes away completely, revealing the rough volcanic landscape and glacial terrain beneath.

4 weeks ago

Taking a break from the ocean swell along the western shores of the Svalbard archipelago.

4 weeks ago

Sailing through a maze of icebergs in Scoresbysund. Thunderous sounds of falling ice echoed across the fjord.

5 weeks ago

A hint of colour amidst an Arctic gale. I’ll always remember this day, the town of Longyearbyen hunkered down as a big wind storm hit the coast. Whilst the wind slammed me in the face, there was a herd of reindeers that strolled by so peacefully, completely unfazed by the elements.

5 weeks ago

Lunch break in the high Arctic.

last month

Playing with light and shadows as the sun begins to set over the Arctic. There’s something so beautifully unique about the way light interacts with the ice.

last month

Standing at the base of a colossal ice structure.

last month

Tackling a winter whiteout with my trusty sidekick. Had some very memorable times with the Land Rover over the years here in Iceland. Winter can be a real beast sometimes, but we always make it home eventually 🇮🇸

last month

The incredible heart shaped peak of Uummannaq rising above a distant iceberg on the sea ice. Was interesting to see mountain light up in the evening. The street light from the settlement shone up from the front, while the glow of the setting sun on the horizon added some backlight from the North. Experiencing the chill of a clear winters night in the high Arctic is something I’ll always long for, it’s damn cold but worth every minute.

last month

A world of ice. Towering icebergs sit motionless, landlocked on a shallow fjord passage in Scoresbysund.

last month

Last light in the icefjord. As the sun dips below the horizon, the ice slowly disappears into a shadow of dark blue hues. For me this is the prime moment to be out in the fjord, searching for the tall sections of ice that remain in the light for those final seconds each evening.

last month

Bringing in the new year with a little less snow than usual. Spending a week on the cliffs of Hornstrandir is by far one of my best summer memories. Hiking around such a remote and untouched corner of Iceland, your days become focused solely on existence and being present in nature. ⁣ ⁣ Taking time to breathe, lay down in the tall grass and watch as the local wildlife pass by, the daily stresses that can crawl into your mind simply cease to exist out there. ⁣ ⁣ Heading back to our camp in the midnight blue hour most evenings, we’d often meet the clouds as they began to engulf the land around us. Watching the birds glide in and out of the clouds really put the scale of these incredible cliffs into perspective. ⁣ ⁣ What I’ve learned from these environments is that it’s almost always possible to bring that mountain mindset back to daily life, and it can bring an overwhelming sense of clarity. Here’s to a peaceful 2020 friends 🙌🏼

last month

Moments from a sea ice crossing.⁣⁣ Working in two dogsled teams, we ventured towards the island known as Uummannaq. Passing in and out of the fog amidst an isolated abyss of Arctic ice, time really stood still out there. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ After a whole day on the sleds in freezing winter temperatures, it was a brilliant moment to jump off and run along side the sled to regain warmth. You have to keep up though, or the dogs will disappear into the distance. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Returning to town, we were greeted by one of the @uummannaqfjordtours sled puppies. ⁣⁣ Another memorable day on the ice up North ❄️⁣⁣

last month

Capturing the last light shining down over the contrasted layers of Vatnajökull. So interesting to see these dark lines of ash and sediment on the ice sheet. They cover such vast distances, sometimes as far as the eye can see. #iceland

last month

Close up textures of an iceberg. Washed ashore in the rough North Atlantic swell, photographing the ice that lands on the black sand beach at Jökulsárlón is always a memorable experience.

last month

The Arctic Fox. A lone wanderer on the ice, spotted during the three faint daylight hours of December in Hornstrandir.

last month

In flight over their icy home, these ravens roam endlessly over the icefjord. Fun fact, a group of ravens can be called an ‘Unkindness’ 🧐