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16 hours ago

My yahoo it’s Friday Face! Now let’s play Ball! 🎾 Do you enjoy playing ball with your humans? ——————————————————————————— 🏷 Koala-ty Sleep (Sold Out ) 📸 @therapydog_autumn www.barkbuddies.ca


Yes Mom? Aren’t I super handsome? —————————————————————— 🏷 lil Shit (Sold Out ) 📸 @the_dorkie_yorkie_702 www.barkbuddies.ca

2 days ago

Welcome Jupiter Spiderman! Jupiter looks so cute in his Spiderman Bandana! —————————————————————— 🏷 Spiderman 📸 @venusandjupiterthekitty_cats www.barkbuddies.ca

3 days ago

Happy Adventure #TOT with Mia! It looks like she’s on a great Tuesday Adventure! Do you go on adventures during the week? Or only on weekends? —————————————————————— 🏷 Flower (Sold Out ) 📸 @miathemorkie9 www.barkbuddies.ca

4 days ago

Our Spring Collection hit the shop on Friday! There are MANY prints I LOVE in this collection, but this has to be one of my favs! 🍟. Be sure to grab your new favs before they are gone! —————————————————————— 🏷 Fries Before Guys www.barkbuddies.ca

5 days ago

My face when I know it’s Sunday.. Finch is out enjoying a Sunday Adventure in a great winter outfit! I’d say he’s ready to take on Monday! —————————————————————— 🏷 Perfectly Imperfect (Sold Out ) 📸 @sparrowbfreidman www.barkbuddies.ca

6 days ago

Happy Adorable Saturday with Chloe! Isn’t she so cute in her Stainglass Bandana? —————————————————————— 🏷 Stainglass (Sold Out ) 📸 @chloeandyuki www.barkbuddies.ca

1 weeks ago

What a stunning photo of Zita! I always love seeing everyone’s photos in their gear. Everyone’s is so different and amazing! Thank you for sharing!! —————————————————————————— 🏷 Baby Snowmen 📸 @frecklesnfurr www.barkbuddies.ca

2 weeks ago

Mine, Mine, Mine! What movie are these fun animals from? —————————————————————— 🏷 Mine, Mine, Mine www.barkbuddies.ca

2 weeks ago

Squirrel Wednesday! It’s RIGHT THERE Fang! 😳 —————————————————————— 🏷 Squirrel Patrol (Sold Out ) 📸 @fangthefangtastic www.barkbuddies.ca

2 weeks ago

Happy St.Paddy’s Day! —————————————————————— 🏷 St. Paddy’s Day 📸 @lifewithbeacon www.barkbuddies.ca

2 weeks ago

Walter’s Monday Mood. How do you feel about Monday’s? —————————————————————— 🏷 Winter Penguins (Sold Out ) 📸 @winkingwalter www.barkbuddies.ca

2 weeks ago

Happy Sunday! As we get closer and closer to warmer weather I get EXCITED about our Summer Collection! This is a print from last years release. This year we have a BIG release hitting the shop Sun, May 17th at 11:00am! Be sure to mark your calendar! —————————————————————————— 🏷 Watermelon Dayz www.barkbuddies.ca

2 weeks ago

COVID-19 Update: . . . At this time we are open and accepting orders and shipping them out on our regular schedule. I do encourage to purchase Tracked Shipping at this time. All orders are processed in a safe and clean environment. If at anytime I feel sick I will stop orders immediately. . . . As of right now all mail services are accessible to us and we are going to the post office on a regular bases. We plan to remain on schedule with orders, unless the mail service shuts down. We are happy to hold any orders until the date of April 5th. Please just let us know at check out or email us after your order is placed. . . . If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We encourage you to support small businesses at this time. This is a hard time on small businesses. . . Thanks You, Maddie

2 weeks ago

Adventure Saturday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Any fun adventures you’ve had this weekend? —————————————————————— 🏷 @dixie_kitty_ 📸 Snow (Sold Out ) www.barkbuddies.ca

2 weeks ago

Happy Cocktail Friday! After a week of hard work, who doesn’t love sitting down with a beverage to enjoy some family time, a movie, catch up on tv shows.... what’s your drink of choice? —————————————————————— 🏷 Cocktail Hour www.barkbuddies.ca

3 weeks ago

Can I PLEEEEASSSSEEE get a cookie?! —————————————————————— 🏷 Grinchmas (Sold Out ) 📸 @spottedarson www.barkbuddies.ca

3 weeks ago

🐿 Nuts About You 🐿 Venus is rocking her Squirrel Bandana. I don’t know about you but they are the MOST fun to chase! 🙈 Do you love chasing them too? ————————————————————— 🏷 Nuts About You 📸 @venusandjupiterthekitty_cats www.barkbuddies.ca

3 weeks ago

Happy #TOT with Sammy! I find everything Sammy wears just POP on her! She’s always looking great in her gear! —————————————————————— 🏷 Out Of The World 📸 @nymeriathesammy www.barkbuddies.ca

3 weeks ago

When someone says it’s Monday! But it was JUST Friday.... —————————————————————— 🏷 Space Patrol 📸 @_bears_closet_andmore www.barkbuddies.ca

3 weeks ago

Sunday is for Donuts right?!? —————————————————————— 🏷 Flannel Donuts www.barkbuddies.ca

3 weeks ago

Hey Friends! Vinnie wanted to send a smile to everyone to say enjoy the rest of your day! Your all so amazing and beautiful! —————————————————————— 🏷 Moose Head 📸 @vinnietheridgeback www.barkbuddies.ca

3 weeks ago

Yahoo for FRIDAY! As we get further away from winter weather and closer to summer I’m getting excited for POOL season!! —————————————————————— 🏷 Koala-ty Sleep (Sold Out ) 📸 @gizmoandthegang1 www.barkbuddies.ca

4 weeks ago

Henry is very handsome in his Polkadot bow tie! He’s looking super stylish and ready to pose for the next photo! —————————————————————— 🏷 Polkadot (Live Sale ) 📸 @mr_henry_jones_ www.barkbuddies.ca