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9 hours ago

Confidently lost.

10 hours ago

Let me present to you guys, my one stop shoes solution, @bella_shoesjkt ❤️ Their products are comfortable to wear, long lasting use and they will give you guarantee for 30 days... and for the price? All affordable! There’s more, if you come to the store and purchase at least 3 products, you will get a lovely bag instantly! Just drop in to their nearest store in Jakarta and Lampung. Go get your own only at @bella_shoesjkt 🥰🥂✨

10 hours ago

Masa muda harus digunakan untuk menimba ilmu sebanyak-banyaknya. Materi memang penting dan bisa dihitung jumlahnya. Tetapi ilmu, tak terhingga harganya. Dengan banyaknya ilmu, kita bisa banyak membuat karya. Kaya ilmu akan membuat kita banyak berkarya. Satu pelajaran berharga yang saya pelajari minggu ini, Kaya Raya < Karya Raya 🥰🥰🥰

13 hours ago

I’m much nicer when I like my outfit. And I’m super nice today! 😝 Thanks to @pragia .official for completing my slay mode today with their cute floral outer ❤️

13 hours ago

anak kicil

18 hours ago

Reading myself to sleep 😋❤️ Wearing pajamas from @pyjamas .bybels, sleeping never been this comfy!


Lidah ini merasakan satu lagi cita rasa Indonesia yang bernama Ikan Nyat Nyat. Mengagumkan betapa banyak resep dan rempah yang Indonesia miliki. Ikan Nyat Nyat, begitulah masyarakat Bali menamainya. Nyat Nyat dalam Ikan Nyat Nyat sendiri ternyata merupakan proses pembuatan Ikan tersebut. Ikan Nyat Nyat dibuat dengan cara menggoreng Ikan Mujair, kemudian direbus bersamaan dengan kuah betutu, ditambah dengan rempah-rempah yang dirajang atau dicacah (tidak diulek ). Begitulah kurang lebih arti dan proses pembuatan Ikan Nyat Nyat. Wajib coba nih kalo mampir ke Kintamani! Imma put you on my A list, Ikan Nyat Nyat! #ProudIndonesian #KelanaKarin


Meet my new friend, Aline. Aline is a founder of Nomad Soulmate company; a dating site for single remote workers & professionals. Nomad Soulmates is intended for single digital nomads, online entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers who are looking for a nomadic partner and friends! Aline herself is originally from Germany, she arrived the first time in Bali, Indonesia, at 2015 and decided to stay since then. Had a really great convos with her tho. Stay tuned for our interview session only at the upcoming #KelanaKarin ! ❤️🥂


Just me and my batik obsession #ProudIndonesian #BatikIndonesia


I will let you undress my mind Save it, play it, watch it then press rewind • top: @phi .official


Karin camouflage mode on. #ProudIndonesian ❤️


Face masks have become the foundation of any good skincare routine. No matter how tired, stressed, broken-out, or parched your skin may be, a face mask is out there to help. Let me present to you this herbal face mask from @yoqueen .beauty! This three-in-one mask deep-cleans pores, softens skin, and reveals a serious glow. Go get yours now only at @yoqueen .beauty ❤️

2 days ago

Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner mon amour! You’ve done very well in your life, all the hard decisions you made, all the laugh and tears you’ve passed, I’m so proud of you. Hopefully, it’s the beginning of many more to come. I love you, Bin.

2 days ago

Born & bred to hustle.

4 days ago

Di sini Taurus, di sana Taurus, di mana-mana ada Taurus.

4 days ago

her one & his only.

4 days ago

Waktu menyembuhkan dan waktu mendewasakan. I’m glad we did this. Good luck on your new journey across the sea, Sya. Cheers to the good old days 🥂✨

5 days ago

Let’s get into Sabian’s mind and thoughts. Podcast #1 , soon. Coba dong comment di bawah ini recommendation nama podcast baru gue, yang unik & terpilih bakal dapet free followback dari gue dan bakal gue traktir dinner/lunch private sama gue yuk yuk yuk, comment down below! ❤️

5 days ago

BAGI-BAGI HADIAH 💣💣💣 IphoneXs Max (1orang ) tas (2orang ) sembako (2orang ) uang tunai 1juta (10orang ) Untuk 15 pemenang ! . Gampang ko cara dapetin nya 1. Wajib follow semua temen-temen aku . @FINE .YA @EKKYSTORE_FOCUS @RAECCAID @FLEBEECLOTHING @AUDREY .STACIA @MINI .MAKEUP.JARS @CICANATUREINDONESIA @LENIE .CHRISTIN @YEPPOYO_STORE @CHOCOBERRYHOUSE . 2. LIKE DAN COMMENT "MAU" DI AKUN INI DAN AKUN @saputrii1717 (CUKUP 1x ) JANGAN LUPA IKUTIN SYARAT YANG ADA DIPOSTINGAN SAPUTRI JUGA YA❤ . Pemenang akan di umumkan live di akun @saputrii1717 tanggal 30januari jam 9 malam . Manage @giveawayputri & @goodmanagement__

1 weeks ago

Office kinda day

1 weeks ago

A day well spent in the majestic Borobudur temple.

1 weeks ago

a sunflower soul with rock n roll eyes curious thoughts & a heart of surprise

2 weeks ago

Dora dora dora dora dora 🎶

2 weeks ago

She’s an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart and a beautiful mind. —— - softlens by @eyeslandcon