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This culture of cyber bullying has gone on for way too long and people of all genders are subjected to and sadly even indulge in harassment.. Ps: like i said in the episode COMMENTS ARE NOW OPEN. Tell us your experiences and if this series has helped you or someone you know in anyway. Reach out, speak up... and for the trolls - if you want to be turned into an example - please drop us a loving comment too, i dare you 😊 Lekin, #AbBas ✋ Watch the next episode of #FullStopToCyberBullying as we discuss legal aspects of cyber bullying with Adv Vaishali Bhagwat, @dhruvshah96 , and @anurag_mazumdar @abhishek .mazumdaar of @thelogicalindian . . @missionjoshofficial @mansidhanak @vinavb @unicefindia @studiounees @aasthakhandpur

2 days ago

Kya trolls aur bullies gender dekh kar harassment karte hai? Is it any easier for men? It's time we smash gender stereotypes around online harassment. #AbBas 🤚 . . #FullStopToCyberBullying @missionjoshofficial #AdvVaishaliBhagwat , @dhruvshah96 @anurag_mazumdar @abhishek .mazumdaar @mansidhanak @vinavb @unicefindia @studiounees @aasthakhandpur

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Curly fries 🍟

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One thoughtless, nasty comment dropped by you, can cost someone's life! Heres the second episode of Ab Bas 🤚🏼 #FullStopToCyberBullying , as I talk to cyber psychologist @niralibhatia , @moirasachdev a cyber bullying and harassment victim, and @missionjoshofficial on ways to stop cyber bullying and make the internet a safer and better place for ALL of us. @unicefindia @studiounees @aasthakhandpur @mansidhanak @vinavb

1 weeks ago

It takes few seconds to post a negative comment online and the damage done can leave someone scarred for life! For the next chapter of #FullStopToCyberBullying , I spoke to @moirasachdev , a young girl who faced such negativity online that she contemplated suicide .. But there's always hope. Tune in for the conversation with cyber psychologist @niralibhatia and @missionjoshofficial tomorrow, as we try discuss how to stop online bullying and ensure a safer space for all. #AbBas

1 weeks ago

Why are you so stupid, fat and ugly??? Arrey Kuch Khata Hai ya Nahi? Yeh ladka hai ya ladki! And these aren’t even the worst of them... It's so easy to make mean remarks, but ever thought about the trauma and mental impact it can have on someone? Words Can Kill, Literally! Toh, AB BAS ✋ #FullStopToCyberBullying - 2nd episode out tomorrow! @unicefindia @missionjoshofficial @studiounees @mansidhank @vinavb

2 weeks ago

Pehle sirf ek thi dayan, but in your company ab do hai 😂😂😂 Happy birthday Humzy, tu best hai. Humari dosti ko nazar na lage ⚫️ @iamhumaq #bestgirl #bff

2 weeks ago

Let us put an end to the pandemic of Cyber bullying and trolling! It's time to stop ignoring all these nameless tormentors sitting behind a screen and putting out bad, vulgar comments, remarks and threats. It's time to put a FULL STOP to cyber bullying and trolling . Watch the first episode as I talk to Special IGP of Maharashtra Police, Shri Pratap Dhigavkar and special cyber investigator @riteshb2 , trying to understand the basics of what exactly is cyber bullying and trolling and how it can affect one's life. @missionjoshofficial @mansidhanak @vinavb @Cyberbaap @studiounees #MissionJosh #FullStopToCyberBullying

2 weeks ago

Challenge accepted ❤️ thanks @diamirzaofficial @iamhumaq @sanamratansi @zebakohli @divyachablani15 @chhaya .momaya

2 weeks ago

AB BAS✋ It's time to put a full stop to cyber bullying and trolling . Watch me in conversation with experts from various fields to understand what steps can we take against these nameless and faceless tormentors. First episode airs tomorrow where I'll be speaking to Special IGP of Maharashtra Police Shri Pratap Dighavkar and cyber crime investigator @riteshb ! @missionjoshofficial @mansidhanak @vinavb @riteshb2 @Cyberbaap @studiounees #MissionJosh #FullStopToCyberBullying

2 weeks ago

It's time to stop the pandemic that’s plaguing our online world- Cyber Bullying and harassment. Full Stop To Cyber Bullying is a campaign by Mission Josh, where I have teamed up with Special IGP Mr Pratap Dighavkar with an aim to create awareness and educate people about online harassment, trolls, impact on mental health of victims who have faced trolling. Ab bas, NO more online harassment! @missionjoshofficial @cyberbaap @riteshb12 @vinavb @mansidhanak @studiounees #FullStopToCyberBullying

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Honoured to play the HEROIC role of Sunderben Jetha Madharparya, the brave social worker who took 299 women along with her to support the Indian Army! #BhujThePrideOfIndia a crucial incident from History will unveil soon with #DisneyPlusHotstarMultiplex on @DisneyPlusHotstarVIP ! @ajaydevgn @duttsanjay @ammyvirk @norafatehi @sharadkelkar @pranitha .insta @abhishekdudhai6 @bhushankumar @tseriesfilms @ginnykhanuja @vajirs @kumarmangatpathak @aseematographer #celebratingthevictory #WeSaluteIndianSoldiers #OurSoldiersAreTheBest #OurSoldiersOurPride

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This day. 2017. New York And my love for wall art! #throwback

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When your mood matches the weather 🌧

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📸 @kusshssinha for @cosmoindia ❤️

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📸 @kusshssinha

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📸 @kusshssinha for @cosmoindia !

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Pakhi ❤️

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Pakhi ❤️ 7 years... still not over you, never think i will be! Thank you @motwayne for giving her to me.

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You are SO much more than all that you’ve been told you are. Read that again. Let it sink in. For @cosmoindia ’s Self Love issue shot by my brother @kusshssinha ! Editor: Nandini Bhalla ( @NandiniBhalla ) Creative Direction: Zunaili Malik ( @ZunailiMalik ) Media Consultant: Universal Communications ( @universal_communications ) Hair/Makeup/Costume - ME ⭐️ #bodypositivity #acceptance #comfortableinyourownskin

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Lets not believe every lie that is said to us... instead lets believe in ourselves. Here’s a little something ive recited for @cosmoindia ’s Self Love issue. Hope it resonates with you. Oh and ... you’re beautiful just the way you are ❤️

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23 years old, so new, Just into my second film, working with you, a taskmaster, a perfectionist, a LEGEND... was the last time i was ever nervous working with anyone. That 101 rupiye ki kharchi you gave me, and the words you told my mother “yeh ladki mera naam roshan karegi” gave me enough confidence to last a lifetime. Hope you are smiling wherever you are, and i hope i continue to make you proud! Rest in peace.