@anckor Julian O'hayon

Self-made entrepreneur & French designer. Founder of @black & @white ✉️ Enquiries: sarah @anckor .com

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2 weeks ago

If you guess the floor correctly I will send you a DM

3 weeks ago

I’ve got myself a second place high up in the sky. House Tour coming soon, you can follow the design process via my daily stories. ⛏🖤

4 weeks ago

Blvck playing cards now available on @black 🃏🖤

last month

@black filter went crazy with over 4m uses the first 72h. 🎭🖤 New filters coming... and so is the Blvckmoji app. 🥀

last month

We’ve been having fun covering cars lately at Blvck, some bigger project is coming tho. We’re working on a new technology to cover the interior of your house in matte black. 💀🏴 @black

Dec 2019

What do you think about this interior design? I’ll add some Blvck frames on the wall, feel free to send me suggestion of frames! 🦇

Dec 2019

Currently writing an ebook on how I built a 7 figures lifestyle brand in a year. 💡💸 @black

Dec 2019

Got my matte black AirPods Pro painted from @colorware_inc 🖤 Which design do you prefer? Old or new?

Dec 2019

Small tour of my Penthouse! More photos on @black last post 🖤 Should I drop a video?

Dec 2019

Swipe to see how I edit my photos. If you have any question, this the good time to ask! 🥀

Dec 2019

Huge fan of the new @blvck signature satin color on my 911. What do you guys think? 🔥

Nov 2019

Swipe to see the original shot. 🌊🖤

Nov 2019

I was fortunate to stay at the Setai hotel in Galilee, which villa do you prefer? 🥴 (Villa #2 has been blacked out, but still 🤫 )

Nov 2019

Work, Netflix & long walks to the fridge. 🖤🍟

Oct 2019

What do u think of our new phosphorescent black marble wrap? Follow our work on supercars on @blvck 🔥

Sep 2019

Ultrawide angle on the new iPhone 11 Pro. Makes my 75” screen look like an iPad. 👽🖤

Sep 2019

iPhone 11 Pro Max in Space Grey about to be @blvck out using our signature color. 🖤 Gonna post a review too on the camera on this.

Sep 2019

Working on a new Blvck signature color made of a mixture of satin and matte. 🦇 More info will come to our new account @blvck soon. 🖤

Sep 2019

Getting an AMG by end of the year, can you guess which one? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Sep 2019

Rate this Netflix & Chill setup /10. 🖤

Aug 2019

My story in @forbes ! How I built a million dollar business with my friend @hyperlax ? Link in bio. 🖤

Aug 2019

Welcome to the dark side. ☠️🔞

Aug 2019

What color should I wrap the Lambo in? Thinking of satin black or matte black for the first layer, maybe marble or something else.. 🤔 Should be ready in about a month. 🖤

Aug 2019

How many of you are entrepreneurs? 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻