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Cheers to a new day 🍹Stay safe and healthy everyone, we’ll be right back ✨ #lucyintheskyjakarta #syahestablishments

4 days ago

Syah Establishments wishes you a peaceful Eid Mubarak 1441 H filled with blessings and gratitude. May the peace that we gained stays with us and be with us eternally. . #SyahEstablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeatherhotel @segundojakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @kittebyalma

6 days ago

The Sun's down, lights on.⁠ Do you miss our Karaoke nights?⁠⠀ #Safeandsoundwithlucy

2 weeks ago

The spark of glimmering light awaits us at the end of the tunnel. Let's share the spirit of joy and kindness to everyone around us in this Ramadhan month. #Safeandsoundwithlucy

2 weeks ago

Have a relaxing Saturday everyone. Leave your WFH behind ✨ don't forget to shower and eat good food! #Safeandsoundwithlucy

2 weeks ago

Up in the smoke #throwbackthursday ⁠⠀ #Safeandsoundwithlucy

3 weeks ago

What else that sucks?⁠⠀ Type your answer below in 3... 2... 1... @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @lawless .burgerbar⁠⠀ 📸 @shonascalia

3 weeks ago

As much as we miss you, this is how far we can get on putting some dancy tunes inside your head, in the safe of your home. Here you go, a playlist curated by one of our favorite NYEMEE ( @dhika_nyemee ). Hit it the link on our bio! . . Safe and Sound with Nyemee Spotify user: syah_est https://sptfy.com/safeandsoundwithnyemee . Remember, we can always have fun everywhere, anytime! #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

3 weeks ago

Hit the snooze button 💤 as Jakartans, we never know how and when to stop. This time the world has allowed us to rest and take things slower. Let's savor the moment for a while #safeandsoundwithlucy

4 weeks ago

Happy Iftar, folks! Who missed this juicy bundle of ours?⁠⠀ We'll be back soon after everything is fine out there. In the meantime, stay safe! 🍔 #Safeandsoundwithlucy @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless

5 weeks ago

Throwback when @andienaisyah sing alongside @suaradisko and put us under a spell ✨⁠⠀ Who's Indonesian superstar on the top of your watch list?⁠⠀ #safeandsoundwithlucy ⁠⠀ 📸 @claudianrh

last month

How're your first few days of fasting everyone? May the clarity and calmness be felt by every one of us.⁠⠀ #Safeandsoundwithlucy

last month

Throwback to the fun times.⁠ What will be the first thing you do after we can all go out?⁠⠀ #Safeandsoundwithlucy #imagine

last month

Welcoming the holy month Ramadhan with a feast to share with your family and loved ones. Get ready to savor our best selling Bazaar Iftar on an exclusive hampers bundle. Preparing our signature Indo-Mediterranean feast of Chicken, Seafood, Beef & Lamb to your door step. Place your order, ready to deliver on 27 April 2020. ORDER TO +62 821 1110 0336 Free delivery within 10km radius from pick up point Hotel Monopoli, Kemang, South Jakarta (Terms & Conditions applies ) #syahestablishments #bazaariftar

last month

Hit it to the top of your lungs! Pop up Karaoke “Most Requested Songs” Vol.2 is now available for a listen at Spotify! Providing you a fun combination of happy and sad songs, sing along jams from Linkin Park, The Cure, Coldplay and Dewa 19. Will surely do get rid of your boredom at home 🎤 Pop Up Karaoke - Home Jukebox vol.2 Spotify user: syah_est https://sptfy.com/popupkaraokevol2 Link in our bio, head to @lucyintheskyjakarta & @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

last month

As much as we miss you guys, we embrace you to stay safe at home due this hard period. Spend your time with family and keep the faith for this too shall pass 🙏🏼 . Have a blessed Ramadhan and stay healthy! Sending all the love to you ❤️ #lucyintheskyjakarta #itallstartedwithlucy #syahestablishments

last month

Hey, how’s everybody doing ? Do you miss us? We’re back with @sunsetpeopleproject this Sunday to make your #stayathome more fun✨ Grab your favourite drinks and get ready to #dancefromhome for a good cause by donating to Syah Relief Fund ❤️🙏🏼 . SUNSET PEOPLE PROJECT Live on @lucyintheskyjakarta Instagram Sunday, 19 April 2020 From 7-10pm. . Featuring: RIDWAN G ANGGA . Visual by: REZA DUMBI . Support our medical heroes & others in need on SYAH RELIEF FUND to account number BTPN 904 0004 0431 Dian Ayu Anggraini . Let’s spread the good vibes and share the love ❤️ #lucyintheskyjakarta #sunsetpeopleproject #syahrelieffund #safeandsoundwithlucy #syahestablishments

last month

Take a gulp for the fun, bring it all the way home! Here come the all-star cocktail concoctions handcrafted by SYAH's award-winning mixologists . COCKTAIL PORTER . CLASSICS: NEGRONI OLD FASHIONED CHOCOLATE MARTINI BOULEVARDIER MANHATTAN . starts from 999k nett / 1 Litre OUTLET'S SPECIALS: CALIFORNIA MOTHER F*CKER DR. PEPPER LOCA LOCO SANGRIA TINTA BLOODY MARY . starts from 150K nett / 1Litre Enjoy FREE Delivery within 10 KM Radius* Whatsapp / Dial +62 821-1110-0336 *terms and conditions apply

last month

Ready to dance and groove in? Let us make you feel good and forget about your worries through this playlist curated by our very own residence DJ, Irwin ( @irwin .putra ). Jam through and follow the beat from our favorite songs by J.Cole, SZA, Tyga and more Safe and Sound with Irwin Spotify user: syah_est https://sptfy.com/safeandsoundwithirwin Link in our bio head to @lucyintheskyjakarta and @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless Remember, we can always have fun everywhere, anytime! #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

last month

No space left for negative energy. Let's not overthink. The world has given us more time to get closer to our loved ones. Stay positive, stay happy! #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

last month

It’s almost Friday Night, you’ve got a company! Pour your heart out and sing it out loud, Pop-Up Karaoke “Most Requested Songs Compilation” Vol.1 is now available for a jive at Spotify! May it be a shower session, or after hours at your home, these tunes are finely selected to bring festivity. Pop Up Karaoke - Home Jukebox Vol.1 Spotify user: syah_est https://sptfy.com/popupkaraokevol1 Link in our bio, head to @lucyintheskyjakarta and @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

last month

How's your quarantine weeks so far? Already miss your Friday night at Lucy? We know it is hard for us to temporarily closed the doors, but your safety is our utmost concern. So.. take time now, breath, think happy, and dance! We are all in this together. ❤ . #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

last month

SYAH RELIEF FUND Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund It is in times of need that we discover the full impact of a community united. Step up and help keep our frontline healthcare workers and neighborhood safe against Covid-19 crisis. . You can contribute by donating through: BTPN 904 0004 0431 Account name: Dian Ayu Anggraini $cashtag $syahrelieffund For confirmation of your donation, please kindly contact: +6281310610676 We are accepting donations of supplies for use by healthcare workers in hospitals across Jakarta, and basic necessities for full impact of communities. Drop point: Hotel Monopoli JL. Taman Kemang 12 - South Jakarta. Operational hours: Mon-Sun, 10 am – 5 pm For more information : 0821 1110 0336 . Donate As You Please. Share As You Please. Help As They Are Your Own . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

last month

There’s about to be gazillion things we missed if you ask us, but still it gives us the peace of mind knowing many of us staying at home for a better good. Cheers for brighter days ahead! 💞 #SafeandSoundwithLucy