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10 hours ago

📢MASSIVE Easter Weekend Line Up @kissfmuk KISS Fest 2020 🔥🔥🔥 Are you even ready thooo?!! So honoured to be a part of this! Tune into @kissfmuk across Easter weekend to join the party 🙌🏾 Shout out to @andrewkwilson @majesticonline for making this happen ♥️ #kissfest2020

last month

Woke up to a sore throat and a leak in my kitchen... definitely feels like a Monday but I’m trying to stay smiling. Hope your week has started off better than mine! 💕 #mondayneedsanewprguy

last month

Oh hey!

last month

N E W M U S I C I N C O M I N G @zookepermusic #thisfriday

last month

OMG I literally haven’t posted in so long!! Sometimes the wild world of Instagram can be a scary place but this year I’m trying not to over think things, to be braver, to take chances, to run with it (even when it scares the crap out of me ) and it starts here in the studio!! Lots of new music coming your way soon x

Dec 2019

This decade has been an absolute blast! Thank you to everyone who bothers to listen to my 10 year old voice... more of that to come in 2020! 🤣🙌🏾 wishing you all nothing but blessings this year ahead ❤️

Dec 2019

These numbers are unreal!! T H A N K Y O U. ❤️

Nov 2019

Happy Earth Day to meeeeeee!!! This is the face I make when I hear the drop on “Lift me Up” 😝Out tomorrow with @oliverheldens @firebeatz and @schellamusic 🤘🏾

Oct 2019

Take it or leave it

Oct 2019

Wrote a couple bangers still!! 😝 #ADE #amsterdam #writing

Oct 2019

Know your worth 💎

Oct 2019

New music coming sooner than you think!! Over the past year I’ve been grafting HARD, at times it’s been challenging, overwhelming and all consuming but I can definitely say it’s all been worth it 🙌🏾 Can’t wait to share what I’ve been cooking up with you!!

Aug 2019

The tan will fade (well kind of... ) but the memories will last a lifetime 🖤

Aug 2019

Naturally #Natural

Aug 2019


Jul 2019

Yo!! Haven’t posted in a while... felt like I needed a break from social media, but now I’m back and it feels good! So many great things happening and I can honestly say I feel ready to take on whatever this mad universe has to offer me!! C’mon if Boris can, Lord knows anyone can!! 🙈🤣😩

May 2019

If you had my love And I gave you all my trust Would you comfort me Tell me baaeehaaybeee... #jlo

Dec 2018

1am sessions with @oliverheldens 🔥and we rolled up wearing the same trainers because we’re sick like that! ✌🏾

Dec 2018

📷 : @laurencehowephoto

Nov 2018

Today is my birrrrrrthday!!!!! Yaaaassss!!! It’s the oldest I’ve ever been and the youngest I’ll ever be again 😩 so THANKFUL to see another year 🙌🏾 so many unbelievable highs and getting to meet and share them with some truly AMAZING people have made this year one of the BEST of my LIFE!!!!!! 💫🌈💕 thank you!!!! #scorpioseason 📷 @etranter

Nov 2018

Back in the UK reflecting on the amazing week I’ve had with the most amazingly talented people!! Thailand was a blast... thanks for having me @sigalamusic ❤️ 📷 @etranter

May 2018

Last night was epic Manchester!! Shout to all the ravers who came down to @s2sfest your stamina was real!! 😝😝