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4 days ago

Syah Establishments wishes you a peaceful Eid Mubarak 1441 H filled with blessings and gratitude. May the peace that we gained stays with us and be with us eternally. . #SyahEstablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeatherhotel @segundojakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @kittebyalma

3 weeks ago

Greetings from Syah Establishments! The blissful day of Vesak brings us peace, abundance and joy. May we all receive contentment in ways we desire. . #SyahEstablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeatherhotel @segundojakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @kittebyalma

last month

"Don't count the days, make the days count". -Muhammad Ali-

last month

Easter Blessings. Sharing the joy, love and renewal spirit for all of us. Syah Establishments wishes you a day full of love and faith. May the joy lift us up and bring positive resolution. . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

last month

. SYAH RELIEF FUND Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund It is in times of need that we discover the full impact of a community united. Step up and help keep our frontline healthcare workers and neighborhood safe against Covid-19 crisis. . You can contribute by donating through: BTPN 904 0004 0431 Account name: Dian Ayu Anggraini $cashtag $syahrelieffund For confirmation of your donation, please kindly contact: +6281310610676 We are accepting donations of supplies for use by healthcare workers in hospitals across Jakarta, and basic necessities for full impact of communities. Drop point: Hotel Monopoli JL. Taman Kemang 12 - South Jakarta. Operational hours: Mon-Sun, 10 am – 5 pm For more information : 0821 1110 0336 . Donate As You Please. Share As You Please. Help As They Are Your Own . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

Mar 2020

Celebrating a day reserved for introspection and inner reflection—a time of purification and now, more than ever, is what the world needed most. . Syah Establishments wishes you a day filled with peace and serenity. Hopefully this moment will be a time of renewal for all of us. . Rahajeng Rahina Nyepi Caka 1942 . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

Jan 2020

Syah Establishments wishes you a year full of good fortune and blessings. In this year of The Rat, share kindness and love to your precious ones 🎊 Happy Lunar New Year! . #SyahEstablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeatherhotel @linglingjakarta @segundojakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @kittejakarta @syahweddings

Jan 2020

Syah Establishments wishes you a happy new year filled with joy and abundance. Here’s to welcoming new decade with love and great achievements. Cheers to 2020! 🥂 . #SyahEstablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeatherhotel @linglingjakarta @segundojakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @kittejakarta @syahweddings

Dec 2019

. Syah Establishments wishes you the most wonderful time of the year filled with joy and surprises. Merry Christmas! Here’s to a year of blessings and beyond ❤🎄 . #SyahEstablishments @lucyintheskyjakarta @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeatherhotel @linglingjakarta @segundojakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @kittejakarta @syahweddings

Nov 2019

Take your bike on a journey of discovery or choose the book, they will take you to a lot more interesting place.