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5 days ago

Dear supporters, I know I’ve been ghost for a while and I haven’t really posted new music lately but that’s because I’ve been in the cut working on a whole new batch of music for you guys, and I been tryna stay sane through this whole quarantine shit, but mannn I got some heat for you guys. It’s important to take a break from all the fugazzi social media world and focus on self care. Enjoy life & the things that really matter. New song dropping next month 🌎❤️🔥🤟 love y’all, stay safe! #globalgang

3 weeks ago

2020 so far....

3 weeks ago

Man fuck this quarantine shit, WHO’S READY FOR SOME NEW GLOBAL DAN MUSIC 😤😈🌎🔥 (make some noise in the comments )

last month

Yes... I’m the voice actor for fin in adventure time 😂😁

last month

I can see 👀 you lying through your teeth 😬

last month

Half-way dead music video shoot👨💀🌍 who wants more Global Dan Steve Aoki collab’s?? (Comment below & tag a friend ) 📸: @crazychrisfilms

Mar 2020

Who’s rocking with my music?? Make some noise in the comments ❤️👀🌍

Mar 2020

When tour gets canceled but the show must go on 😂 #covid_19 #corona

Mar 2020

Due to C0vid-19 the tour has been canceled until further notice, but it’s cool cause now I can go make some music 😁 (New video link in bio🌍 )

Mar 2020

Flexin like im @timmytrumpet 🎺 🌍😂❤️

Mar 2020

Half-Way dead with @steveaoki & @travisbarker Out now on EVERYWHERE💀🌍🔥😈 we got one chief. (Link in Bio!!! )

Feb 2020

⚡️STATIC OUT NOW EVERYWHERE!!! (Link in bio )😱😈

Jan 2020

Aight no more playing, static dropping next week 🥵🔥⚡️

Dec 2019

SOUND ON... who’s ready for that static 🌩🤯🔥 comment a “🌩” Below 😈

Dec 2019

Global Aoki 🌎🔥🤯 we got some craaaaazzzyyyy music on the way 😈 @steveaoki

Dec 2019

This is to whoever doubted me or doubted themselves. I literally did this shit recording in my friend @dellmacmixes room. No crazy studio set up just hard work and consistency. I promise you guys nothing but crazier and crazier music. Get ready for #GLOBALIZATION 😈 whoever supports me I love the fuck out of you. Thank you for changing my life. Just 3 years ago I was working at Cinnabon depressed as hell on the edge. A lot of my family and close friends died and times were dark. I never thought things would look up but now I believe. This is to all of my supporters and REAL friends. 2020 LETS GET IT BABY GLOBAL GANG 🌎❤️🔥🙏✌️

Nov 2019

Sooooo me and @oliverxfrancis Finally made a song and this is what happened.. Sooo much love, the song was only out for a few days and everybody knew the lyrics 😭❤️🌎 Go listen to our song “FWMD” on his new album out now everywhere!

Nov 2019

I’m back.. and better than ever 🌎🔥I cant wait for you guys to hear what I’ve been cooking up 😱

Nov 2019

Me & @steveaoki before our session 🔥🌎😂💪🏼

Nov 2019

I’ve been working on a whole new batch of music and collaborations for all of you, I’m sorry I’ve been so distant from social media I’ve just been staying lowkey and working to give my supporters what they want. Thank you for rocking with me the long way❤️ New song next week 😈🌎🔥

Oct 2019

On my @liluzivert (New video link in bio ) 🌎🔥❤️🐍

Oct 2019

ITS MY BIRTHDAY, I’m 23 now, jordan year baby ❤️🌎🔥 And I just dropped the video for “lotus” with @1globalkrayzie (Link in bio )

Oct 2019

2,000 comments and you unlock the “Lotus” music video 🏎💨🌎🔥🥵 GO!!!

Sep 2019

Lotus available on ALLL platforms! (Link in bio ) ❤️🏎💨🌎